Oct 12 15:59

Memory of a Broken Dimension is now greenlit by the Steam Community!

First of all, thank you for all the supportive votes. If you're not a Steam user, no worries, there will be a DRM-Free release as well. I'm aiming for 2015 on PC, Mac and Linux.

I was hoping to maybe get better insight into the Greenlight process by watching the stats, but it is still as mysterious as ever. It seems like a couple titles have been greenlit every few days instead of the big monthly batches. My only guess is there might be some filtering algorithm which selects from the Top 40 or so projects. I noticed other titles Greenlit on the same day were all updated at the same time, so it comes across more like an auto-selection rather than Gabe going in and picking things. :)

Sep 06 19:59

so no updates for a while... I put the project up on Steam Greenlight, there is a short new trailer + screenshots there, take a look (i'll be migrating them here also):


Rhe past few months it was a lot of system work and just trying to get things up and running, now I'm getting into more of the content and design/implementation, so it seems like there will be more visual stuff to share.

I've had some requests/questions about shaders, so I'm thinking the first post on a specific topic could be about the general way the project has been getting along with Unity's rendering system and how some of the shaders function.

For now though, that's about it, if you can please share the Greenlight link, it will help with introducing others to the project who might be interested.
Also I want to have direct-download options for people who don't use Steam, so don't worry about it being Steam-only or anything.

Apr 20 13:53

Been in code-refactoring land the past week... building an actual structure to the project. I don't have a code background, so all the early stuff has been thrown together while learning, and it's ended up pretty tangled in weird ways.

Something I knew I had to look into doing proper was finite state machines. I already had code like that working, but it was the most basic thing and growing into insane switch case statements with lots of duplicate code.

I ended up doing some reading and found this great tutorial series on UnityGems:


I rewrote the RELICS terminal/command prompt using that FSM framework and so far it is working unbelievably well... I was skeptical about the tutorial VS what I needed, just because there are so many differing implementations of FSM's and opinions out there.

The RELICS terminal can be thought of as a main menu in some ways, you need to be able to drop into it from wherever you're at and have it reflect what is currently happening... Previously it was all hardcoded and very specific, now it is written in a way that makes it easy to add new programs and commands as needed. I'm guessing it will end up being easier to test and track down bugs as well.

Apr 19 21:16

I've been busy the past week doing a lot of code refactoring, but took a break from it earlier to do some visual/audio stuff.

The Vine to the right is a boot screen test, for when first starting MOBD. Obviously very inspired by splash/boot screens from old systems, especially these http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RBE1_labUc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCBYdwbOWV4.

Apr 11 17:46

Heads up, I've added an email subscription link in the navigation bar below.

I will send out updates once or twice a month.

Apr 11 12:59

Earlier this year I was contacted about a potential collaboration, usually I'm hesitant to do stuff like this just because free time had been so tight, but it turned out that MethLab supported a bunch of artists I'd listen to while doing work on MOBD.


Check it out at the above link, it features recent & upcoming tracks by Broken Note, Plaster, Woulg, Gore Tech, The Sect, Cause4Concern, 2methyl, VNDL, VAETXH, Machine Code, VHS Head, Valance Drakes, Balkansky, Oyaarss, Kanji Kinetic & Thorpey

It was an awesome little project to do, I was able to experiment with writing some new effects that will work their way into MOBD, along with learning a bit about audio visualization techniques.