The emulator of obscure research software is spreading across the internet, origin unknown. Following a trail of files littering the RELICS virtual desktop; you trespass into the ruins of a fragmented world, suspended within a frozen data stream. But when the stream begins to thaw, no system can handle this overflow...

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Christian Donlan - Eurogamer

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@seamusl - internet commentary

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Chris Priestman - Indie Statik

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Adam Smith - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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Phil Savage - PC Gamer


Excellence Arts in Visual Finalist:

Independent Games Festival March 2015

Workshop Experimental Gameplay

San Francisco March 2013

Afterparty ਡ𥤪rcade IGF KChina

Shanghai November 2012

of Prince Arcade

Montreal November 2012

Game Playing the

Milan October 2012

Night Sense cWWonder HjOf

Tokyo September 2012


Sydney August 2012